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Frank is Sustainable and Proud


Here at Oil2U we transform raw ingredients into sustainable, naturally produced, environmentally conscious products, focused on producing a better and more responsible future.

With this company wide mantra, the following sustainable solutions have been implemented to improve our system and strive for a better future. 

The Solar farm:

99kw system

The largest system available to cover our entire roof line. Premium sunpower panels combined with solar edge inverters.

Using the sun to naturally produce our 100% cold pressed, chemically free canola oil.

The GREEN effect

2,650KWh of solar power produced per month  – READ THAT AGAIN!

This means…

A reduction of CO2 emissions, over 41,436kg per annum

The equivalent of planting 1,236 trees per annum

Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

No Chemicals. No Additives. No Numbers.

No chemicals

From the farm gate to the plate, we do not let your oil touch any nasty chemicals, just pure clean oil.

By naturally purifying our clean oil we have reduced our water consumption by over 3.7 million litres per month

Because our oil is clean label, we repurpose our used cooking oil into a sustainable stock feed, used by local farms.

Battery pumping systems

Our state-of-the-art BOSS trucks are silent. Thanks to our revolutionary battery pumping system, BOOSTED by the sun.

We service our customers for all their needs in a single visit. No longer do you need multiple truck visits to manage your oil. Carbon emissions have been reduced by 50%.

Reducing multiple visits to our customers has reduced our fuel consumption by over 50%, due to the unique truck design and our route optimisation software.

Our aim is to leave the world a better, cleaner and more sustainable place than it is today - ‘To leave a cleaner world behind’

Show your true colours and shop with FRANK - #thesecoloursdontrun