Frank’s Friends – ASADO Melbourne

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Frank’s Friends – ASADO Melbourne

Asado is the young cousin of iconic restaurants San Telmo and Palermo in Melbourne. Part trendy newbie, part traditional asador, the latest addition to the San Telmo group brings both youthful charm and vibrant blood to Melbourne’s culinary scene. An open fire pit and three metre bespoke charcoal parrilla grill is the spiritual and culinary centre of Asado – paying homage to the incomparable style and culinary ethos of slow-cooked barbeque. In theme with its sibling venues’ philosophy, Asado is unabashedly BBQ focused – with a menu of signature premium meats including O’Connor’s beef, lamb from Gippsland and Western Plains pork.

The San Telmo group work closely with our team and know the importance of using a premium frying oil with no chemicals, no additives and 100% healthy and natural, like FRANK that brings out the flavours, the quality and the deliciousness of this Argentinian inspired banquet.

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