If you’re not filtering, you’re not profiting!

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If you’re not filtering, you’re not profiting!

One of the biggest costs in fast food restaurants these days is often overlooked as traditionally it was a low-cost, low quality item; frying oil.

These days with tastes changing and customers wanting a better tasting, healthier, more natural solution, the price of quality deep frying oil all of a sudden becomes a major component of the Cost of Goods Sold.

Our premium bare oil, FRANK, is not only completely chemical free & natural but also very price competitive and when dealt with properly and filtered regularly its value for money and level of quality is unrivalled. Which means it’s good for business, good for customers and good for your bottom line.

Restaurants spend thousands of dollars on buying fresh cooking oil every year, even more so now that prices are skyrocketing and without an effective oil management system, that cost can run up even higher.

Filtering your fryer oil for multiple uses is a must to maintain quality and flavour.

Filtering your fryer oil for multiple uses is a must to maintain quality and flavour. Using unfiltered, burnt and often smelly oil is a definite no go and replacing it after every shift will send you broke.

There are so many products available these days that help restaurants efficiently filter and clean deep fryer oil, extending its lifespan and also ensuring consistent flavour. The best of these oil-extending products has got to be the electric oil filter machine.

A total oil management system is essential to effectively and efficiently run a smooth, quality and profitable business, with our high end fryer oil filter machines taking centre stage to elevate the whole frying experience to another level.

Filtering your cooking oil manually through cheesecloth or paper filters is just fine in a home setting where only one pot of oil is used, but things are quite different in a commercial kitchen. As soon as you start scaling up on the amount of oil used, it becomes obvious that some mechanical help is needed, especially if you want to avoid lengthy periods of downtime spent on filtering.

The time-saving benefits of electric fry oil filter machines are huge, but that’s only half of it. Another way that using properly filtered and cleaned oil is good for your business is in ensuring consistently delicious results. Here’s a quick summary of some of the benefits of regular and consistent filtration:

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