PARMA PRICES set to soar…not on FRANK’s watch

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PARMA PRICES set to soar...Not on Frank's Watch

PARMA PRICES set to soar…
not on FRANK’s watch

Plate of chicken parmigiana with spaghetti close-up with Frank on the watch
The beloved Aussie pub fav, the parma is set to jump in price if you believe the media, due to rising wholesale chicken prices and while it’s clear that some costs are beyond restaurant’s control, switching to FRANK bare oil will help them keep frying costs down with a long-life, great tasting, healthy, chemical free, additive free, Aussie owned premium product.
How? Contact our team and let them show you just what a difference working with FRANK will make to your bottom line.

Source: 9 News – The price of a pub favourite is about to get more expensive – August 20, 2022