Frank agrees with Warren Buffett: "Price is what you pay…value is what you get.

In business, like in life, there’s value and there’s values; there is a difference but both are super important when it comes to making the right long term business decisions and choices.

A longer lasting fry life & less waste. (and tastes fantastic?) That's impossible. That's Frank

Our value #1: - Being Genuinely Sustainable

FRANK genuinely cares about our environment. FRANK doesn’t simply stamp “sustainable” on packaging and carry on doing the world dirty; that just ain’t how FRANK gets down! Sustainability is at FRANK’S core, deeply rooted in its moral fibre and the reason we’re working tirelessly to reduce our carbon footprint with every new day.

FRANK Making the World a Better Taste

Our value #2: - Being Naturally Better

We outshine any other oil on the shelf and we’re not afraid to say it. We didn’t pour countless hours into perfecting our naturally processed, chemical-free oil just to be shy about it. We’re better & we know it, naturally.

Natural oil that's healthy. Has a longer fry life & tastes fantastic? That's Frank

Our value #3: - FRANK’S here to shake things up.

We’re bringing a fresh perspective to the market by prioritising consumer health & sustainability above all else. We’re dedicated to making a positive impact on Planet Earth with our innovative & forward-thinking approach to everything we do.

Our value #4: - Being Authentically Ethical

We pride ourselves on our unflinching honesty & authenticity. We stand firm with our morals and hold a steadfast commitment to doing everything in our power to make the world a better place
FRANK is environmentally aware, ethical, and honest!

No Chemicals. No Additives. No Numbers.

FRANK’S all-natural purification system means no chemicals are added, no antioxidants are used and no trans fats are created, leaving a smooth, neutral-tasting oil that fries for longer than regular Canola. Our system also means FRANK uses less power, less water and creates less waste in manufacturing, making FRANK perfect for any cook with a conscience.

Look for value beyond purely price driven decisions.

Oils ain’t oils, our values speak for themselves and highlight just how important it is to look purely beyond price-driven decision making.

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