So, what is CANOLA?

Canola is a type of vegetable oil that is derived from the seeds of the canola plant. The name “canola” is made up of “Canadian oil low acid” as it was developed in Canada in the 1970’s. It is commonly used for cooking, baking and frying due to its neutral taste, high smoke point and low levels of saturated and trans fats, making it a healthier option over many other types of oil.

At Oil2U we have worked hard to develop a product and all round solution and FRANKly we are proud to present the star of the show, the world’s only #BAREoil FRANK.

What Makes Frank Special - Frank Bare Oil

Did you know there are hundreds of different types of canola seed grown globally? The saying is true, #oilsaintoils, so just because it carries the label it doesn’t mean it’s pure, chemical free, number free and a healthy option

In future blogs, we’ll explore and delve into what is so special about FRANK and what makes him #1, for now, here’s a list of characteristics that are key to understanding just how special FRANK is and why just because something is labelled as canola oil, doesn’t mean it’s anything like FRANK.

Do you know why FRANK is #1 and the best PURE canola oil on the market, anywhere in the world?

Canola oil is widely used for cooking commercially due to its neutral flavour, high smoke point, and versatility. However, not all canola oils are created equal, and there are differences in the manufacturing process that can affect the quality and nutritional value of the oil. Pure cold-pressed canola oil, like FRANK is considered the superior choice for all types of cooking for the following reasons:

FRANK Making the World a Better Taste

We call our pure cold-pressed canola oil, BARE OIL, because we don’t use heat or chemicals, which allows it to retain all of its natural nutrients, such as vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, and natural antioxidants.

FRANK has a high smoke point of around 242°C, making it suitable for high-heat cooking methods such as deep frying and baking without producing harmful smoke or toxins.

FRANK is all about balance – low in saturated fat and high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, making it a healthier option for cooking and supporting heart health.

Natural oil that's healthy. Has a longer fry life & tastes fantastic? That's Frank

Being so pure, with no additives, chemicals or numbers, FRANK has a mild, neutral flavour which makes it versatile for cooking a wide range of dishes without overpowering the main ingredients.

No Chemicals. No Additives. No Numbers.

FRANK is natural, FRANK is good, FRANK is made without any additives or preservatives, ensuring that it is a pure and natural product, unlike other processed, blended and inferior products on the market.

FRANK is the only canola oil that is from an environmentally sustainable crop, requiring less water and fertiliser than other oilseed crops, and producing less greenhouse gas emissions; so he is great for the environment.

A longer lasting fry life & less waste. (and tastes fantastic?) That's impossible. That's Frank

FRANK BARE oil is not only a healthier, more nutrient-rich and environmentally sustainable choice for cooking compared to other types of oils in the market…

it is also the perfect choice for any commercial cooking environment as it is not just another frying oil. Its purity and naturalness mean it is perfect for dressings, sauces, salads and anywhere else you need a top quality, natural and healthy alternative in your kitchen.

That's Frank