What makes Frank so special?

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What makes Frank special?

What makes Frank so special?

What makes Frank special?

One question we often get asked is


Great question; Frank is our man of the world and our new oil. 

What Makes Frank Special - Frank Bare Oil

Frank is a new way to enjoy classic frying. Longer-life oil with no nasty additives, chemicals, or preservatives; made from natural and renewable Australian canola. Our natural processing system leaves more of the good stuff in; rich in Omega 3’s, Omega 6’s and cholesterol-lowering phytosterols, while remaining free from trans fats and solvents (aka the nasty stuff) that most other oils have.

Shhhh, our competitors wanna keep that bit a secret…

But, good oils don’t become great without the right taste, and that’s why we have worked so hard to ensure Frank has the perfect neutral flavour that brings out all the subtle goodness in your cooking. 

To be ‘FRANK’ – we let the food be the true hero, Frank’s just there to do all the grunt work.

No Chemicals. No Additives. No Numbers.

To find out more about how FRANK can help your business’ bottom line, enhance your menu &…

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