Meet the "Boss"

Frank and Oil2U Tom - Total Oil Management
Oil2U BOSS Truck

Well he’s no Bruce Springsteen but our BOSS truck is pretty cool. A fully customised, hybrid/solar powered (to help cut emissions and reduce our carbon footprint) mean green oil delivery and collection machine is unlike anything else on the market.

You’ve probably seen those other oil delivery trucks out there, you know the one’s we mean but guess what…they use one truck to deliver the oil, then another truck to collect the waste; and they leave their truck running to pump the oil out, burning way too much diesel and adding to pollution & their carbon footprint, how silly is that?

Talk about inefficient, talk about wasting time, petrol and causing unnecessary carbon emissions.

That’s why we’re THE BOSS!

The BOSS does it all in one and we’re so quiet and quick we’re in and out without any interruptions; you won’t even know we’re there.

Our custom designed, GREEN & GOLD (yes, we’re 100% Aussie owned and proud) trucks are not only able to service any customers at any location given our streamlined size and design but we also incorporate our patented whisper quiet fresh oil delivery & waste collection service system all at the same time, all from the one truck and all at the push of a few buttons. Our streamlined body means we can go where larger trucks struggle to service, our customers delivery & collection system means you won’t have us hanging around blocking up traffic and in your way and our focus on sustainable solutions means you can take comfort in that we’re not just in it for the $$, we do what we do and continue to innovate and adapt because we care!

Who’s THE BOSS? We are! For more information about our proprietary delivery & collection service, our BARE-OIL FRANK and to find out what a difference partnering with Oil2U can make to your business, CONTACT US NOW.

Leading the way in sustainable Total Oil Management